December 7, 2023
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Decision Events

Decision hosts regular author events in Ireland in conjunction with our associates including Harvard Business Review and the MBA Association of Ireland. These events involve authors and management experts from stables such as HBR and Financial Times Publishing.

Previous speakers include LinkedIn influencer and disruptive innovation author Whitney Johnson, author of ‘Build and A team’, Gareth Jones and Rob Goffee, organisational experts and authors of ‘Why Should anyone work for you’, Didier Bonnet, digital transformation expert and author of ‘Leading Digital’ innovation specialist Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg, author of ‘Innovation as Usual’ and communications expert Nick Morgan ‘Can you hear me? – how to connect with people in a virtual world’, entrepreneurial expert Marc Gruber, author of ‘Where to play?’ and Stuart Crainer, co-founder of the Thinkers50 ranking of global thought leaders.
Details of up-coming events for 2020 will be announced shortly.

Interested in Attending?

Events can be tailored for specific clients. To discuss options and your requirements in this area please contact Frank Dillon if you have any questions.
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Previous Speakers



Nick Morgan
Nick Morgan
US Communications Coach and Advisor

Nick Morgan is a leading US communications coach and advisor. He is the author of Can you hear
me? – how to connect with people in a virtual world.

Stuart Crainer
Stuart Crainer
Co-Founder of Thinkers50

Stuart Crainer is co-founded with Des Dearlove of Thinkers50, which ranks and celebrates the
world’s leading business management thinkers. A former journalist for The Times in London, he is
the author of numerous books on management.

Thomas Wedell-Wedellesborg
Thomas Wedell-Wedellesborg
Partner at The Innovation Architects

Thomas Wedell-Wedellesborg is a partner at The Innovation Architects, a management consulting
firm in New York city has founded two start-ups and serves as an advisor to BB Worldwide Labs. He
is the author of Innovation as Usual (HBR Press).

Whitney Johnson
Whitney Johnson
CEO-advisor and Author of Disrupt Yourself and Build an A-team

Whitney Johnson is a CEO-advisor and the author of the critically acclaimed Disrupt Yourself and
Build an A-team. She was previously an award-winning Wall Street analyst and cofounded the
Disruptive Innovation Fund with Harvard Professor Clay Christensen.

Marc Gruber
Marc Gruber
Vice President for Innovation

Professor Marc Gruber is Vice President for Innovation at The Swiss Feberal Institute of Technology
in Lausanne. He is the author with Dr Sharon Tal of ‘Where to play – 3 steps for discovering your
most valuable market opportunities.

The Swiss Feberal Institute of Technology
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones
HR Director of the BBC

Gareth Jones is a former HR Director of the BBC and is a fellow of the Centre for Management
Development at London Business School and a visiting professor at Spain’s IE Business School. He is
the author with Rob Goffee of Why should anyone be led by you? and Why Should anyone work

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